ⓘ Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia


ⓘ Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia

Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia adolah pangaragoan tingkek paliang tinggi dari pamarintah Republik Indonesia.

Pangaragoan Pahlawan Nasional ko dibari dek pamarintah Indonesia untuak tindakan nan dianggap heroik, nan dapek diingek, dan dicontoh dek sadoalah warga negara atau khidmat nan istimewa untuak mamajuan kapantiangan negara jo masyarakat.


1. Sejarah

The legal framework for the title, initially styled National Independence Hero Pahlawan Kemerdekaan Nasional, was established with the release of Presidential Decree No. 241 of 1958. The title was first awarded on 30 August 1959 to the politician turned writer Abdul Muis, who had died the previous month. This title was used for the rest of Sukarnos rule. When Suharto rose to power in the mid-1960s, the title was given its current name. Special titles at the level of National Hero have also been awarded. Hero of the Revolution Pahlawan Revolusi was given in 1965 to ten victims of the 30 September Movement that resulted in end of Sukarno reign, while Sukarno and former vice-president Mohammad Hatta were given the title Proclamation Heroes Pahlawan Proklamasi in 1988 for their role in reading the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence.


2. Syarat jo pangajuan

Kamantarian Sosial manantuan tujuah kriteria nan harus dipanuahi oleh surang calon Pahlawan Nasional, yaitu:

  • Malanjuikkan pajuangan salamo iduiknyo;
  • Warga negara Indonesia nan alah wafat dan pado maso iduiknyo malawan panjajah atau bajaso gadang pado nagara; atau nan alah wafat sabalun kemerdekaan Indonesia tapi bajuang malawan panjajah pado wilayah nan kini manjadi wilayah Indonesia;
  • Indak pernah malakuan perbuatan tercela nan dapek marusak nilai pajuangannyo.
  • Bajiwa nasionalisme tinggi;
  • Watak jo tabiat nan elok;
  • Indak pernah manyarah mundur pado lawannyo;

Nominations undergo a four-step process and must be approved at each level. A proposal is made by the general populace in a city or regency to the mayor or regent, who must then make a request to the provinces governor. The governor then makes a recommendation to the Ministry of Social Affairs, which forwards it to the president, represented by the Board of Titles Dewan Gelar; this board consists of two academics, two persons of a military background, and three persons who have previously received an award or title. Those selected by the president, as represented by the Board, are awarded the title at a ceremony in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Since 2000, the ceremony has occurred in early November, coinciding with Indonesias Heroes Day Hari Pahlawan.

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